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Thermal Conductive Fluoroelastomer Adhesive

X-71-6234 is a thermal conductive fluoroelastomer adhesive which possesses excellent resistance to oils and chemicals.


  • Keeps elasticity in the range of -40ºC~200ºC
  • Possesses excellent resistance to chemicals, oils, heat and moisture as a result of perfluoropolyether based main chain
  • Stable thermal conductivity even in harsh environment


  • Heat dissipation for electoricities exposed to oils like ATF
  • Oil cooling system for rechargeable batteries or high power motors
  • Protection for thermostats, sealing for circuit boards
  • Thermal property improvement for various connections

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General Properties

Before Curing
Features Light reddish brown
Viscosity 23ºC 520Pa·s
Shelf life at or below 10ºC 6months
After Curing (Standard curing conditions:150ºC/1hr)
Density at 23ºC 3.22g/cm3
Hardness Durometer A 69
Tensile strength 1.1MPa
Elongation at break 20%
Tensile lap-shear strength Epoxy/Epoxy 0.9MPa(bond-line-thickness)
SUS/SUS 0.8MPa(bond-line-thickness)
Thermal conductivity 2.0W/m.k
Dielectric Strength in oil 20kV/mm

Dimension diagram example

Dimension diagram example

Put between heat source and heat sink to enhance heat flow.

Lap shear strength

Thermal Conductivity

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No change in appearance

Selling point

Applicable for harsh environment such as exposed oils or solvents.
Where silicone-based materials can not be used.

virgin rubber After immersion

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