Liquid Fluoroelastomers SHIN-ETSU SIFEL(R)

Liquid Fluoroelastomers SHIN-ETSU SIFEL®

The combination of a perfluoropolyether backbone with a terminal silicone crosslinking group results in outstanding performance. We provide the most suitable product according to the applications such as liquid injection molding, adhesives and coatings, and potting gel.

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Fluorinated Anti-smudge Coating / Additive

Fluorinated Anti-smudge Coating & Additive / SHIN-ETSU SUBELYN®

Excellent surface characteristics, such as water/oil repellency, anti-smudge property, removability of fingerprint and low dynamic friction, can be obtained when very thin coatings with Shin-Etsu's fluorinated products are applied onto various substrates. In addition, we provide additive-type for hard coating according to customers' applications.

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